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Let’s be honest, tailgating doesn’t lead people to the best food choices. It’s time to change that. Here are ten recipes for a Slow Food-approved party. Go sports!

1. Char Siu Country Ribs

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These ribs are the reason the phrase “finger-licking good” was invented. And they’re a great way to show off the pork from your local farmers market.

2. Flaky Mushroom Rolls

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Like a hot pocket, but good. Don’t let the carnivores have all the fun.

3. Chicken-Fried Chicken Hearts

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Wings are so XLVIII. Take advantage of an inexpensive, sustainable, (most-importantly) delicious alternative. Plus, Valentine’s Day is coming soon.

4. Better Burgers

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What’s more American than a hamburger on game day? Grass-fed beef is tasty and healthier than its grain-fed counterpart. Cook them right with these tips from Bon Appetit.

5. Homemade Barbecue Sauce

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Homemade BBQ sauce is super-easy and super-delicious. It’s also a great way to show off hot peppers native to your corner of the country. Find some here.

6. Squash Queso

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Take a squash, add cheese, serve with chips, triumph. This recipe features the Ark of Taste-approved Green-Striped Cushaw Squash, but a butternut will do in a pinch.

7. Grass-Fed Beef Chili

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Serious, no-frills comfort food from butcher-author Adam Danforth. Use the best grass-fed ground beef you can find. (Cornbread optional, but recommended)

8. Rhode Island Clam Cakes

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The Patriots eat these before each game. Maybe not, but you’ll still win your Super Bowl potluck with a batch.

9. Lentil “Meatball” Sub

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Show your ‘hawks pride with a meatless alternative to the Italian-American classic, brought to you by Slow Food Seattle.

10. Beet Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Have your cake and eat your vegetables too. Cook the batter in cupcake molds and bring them out right as Katy Perry’s halftime show starts.