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I sure like reading about new young farmers, and I like them to get recognition for their work. I like them to be treated like rock stars and I like the idea that this will encourage and inspire even more young hopefuls to do like the newspapers say is the big new trend, and start farming.

In the grand tradition of Crain’s 40 under 40, I present you with Mother Nature Network’s 40 farmers under 40. What a lovely crew, and several Terra Madre delegates and friends in the bunch:

  • Jacob and Courtney Cowgill, from Prairie Heritage Farms in Montana
  • Benjamin Shute, Hearty Roots Community Farm in New York
  • KayCee Wimbish and Owen O’Connor at Awesome Farm in New York
  • Zoe Bradbury at Valley Flora Farm in Oregon
  • Charlotte and Wes Swancy from Riverview Farms in Georgia
  • Severine Von Tscharner Fleming from Smithereen Farm and Special Produce in New York

Congrats to all!