Good, Clean and fair food for all.

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Slow Food USA unites the joy of food with the pursuit of justice.

We cultivate nationwide programs and a network of local chapters, host educational events and advocacy campaigns, and build solidarity through partnerships.

Together, we are dismantling oppressive food systems to achieve good, clean and fair food for all.

Updates from our 100+ national chapters

A Slow Weekend in Vermont

During your weekend in Vermont our Snail of Approval recipients will provide a window into Vermont’s evolving food traditions. All these businesses embody the Slow Food principles of Good, Clean and Fair food for all.

Fighting Food Apartheid in Kentucky

As we begin to come together this summer to cook, eat and celebrate, Slow Food Bluegrass in Louisville, Kentucky is hosting their second annual Ark of Taste Dinner. The dinner, prepared by local chefs, and featuring ingredients both locally sourced and from the Ark of Taste catalogue, is a fundraiser event for Black Market KY, a local market with an incredible mission. 

Turning Food Waste Into Garden Gold in Southeast Missouri

Slow Food Southeast Missouri hit the ground running when they joined the Slow Food family this past spring. Our newest chapter started, in their words, “in an effort to encourage and connect small farmers to consumers in our region.” By creating a chapter, they are building a community dedicated to the Slow Food mission of good, clean and fair food, but they are also building some physical spaces as well…

Catching Up with National Resilience Fund Grantees

Slow Food USA created the National Resilience Fund to give direct financial support to vital businesses and workers in community-based food systems, through local Slow Food chapters and working groups. We caught up with some of the first and second round grantees, which focused on local community initiatives and black-led initiatives.

Slow Food Chicago x Urban Growers Collective

Slow Food Chicago has been partnering with Urban Growers Collective (UGC), a non-profit urban agriculture organization in Chicago. I had the chance to chat with Laurell Sims, the Co-Founder and CEO – Finance at UGC and Meag Sargent, Food Justice & Policy Co-Chair, and Communications Co-Chair for SFC about their initiatives and more.

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Snail of Approval expands

Conversation with Chapter Leader Nathan Lou: What Are We Building?

By Michelle DiMuzio, Communications CoordinatorSlow Food thrives because of our local chapters....

Staying in the Slow Food lane

By Anna Mulé, Slow Food USA executive directorLast week, we sent an email that talked about our...

Slow Books: Why “Braiding Sweetgrass?” 

While we typically use the compass of “good, clean and fair food for all” to guide these insights, the themes of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass’ mirror many of the values engrained in that directive, making it a natural pick for our second network-wide read. Read on to learn more about why Slow Books curators Cedar, Katie, Margaret and Tammy chose Braiding Sweetgrass.

The Only Pickle Formula You’ll Need

It’s fall, which means I have pumpkins and pickles on my mind. The pumpkins are self-explanatory, but the pickles? Most people think of summer as the prime time to preserve the season’s bounty, but I personally like my summer produce fresh and my fall produce tangy and pickled. But the truth is, you can pickle all year round! It’s an easy way to reduce food waste – in fact, you can even pickle “food waste” itself like watermelon rinds and citrus peels.

Improvements, challenges and opportunities for progress in Child Nutrition Reauthorization

By Sara S. Blomquist, SFUSA Food and Farm Policy Steering CommitteeEvery five years, the United...