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Slow Food Leader Katherine Deumling was a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and mentor. She was a scholar, activist and leader in the movement for good food at the intersection of culture, farming, environmentalism and social justice. Sadly, Katherine passed away in 2022 at the too-young age of 49.

The Katherine Rachel Deumling Memorial Scholarship Fund honors Katherine’s memory by sending Slow Food community members to gatherings, events and conferences.

Photos by Shawn Linehan


Slow Food USA chapters and Portland, Oregon-based food justice organizations are warmly invited to apply to receive funds to pay for transportation, lodging and event fees for event speakers and attendees. The Katherine Deumling Memorial Fund convening team will evaluate requests and issue grants to young, diverse and emerging leaders on an ad-hoc basis. Scholarship recipients should reflect Katherine’s values as a network leader and food justice advocate. To request consideration of support, please describe the event and how it might align with the Deumling Fund, along with logistical information such as dates and the total cost estimate per attendee.

For other ways to give or for questions,
you may contact us at development@slowfoodusa.org