Take a look at the 2020 Plant a Seed kit with Kim, talk about how to use it and explore the stories of the seeds. Lauren leads a backyard biodiversity exploration to conduct an audit of local plants, animals, and insect species found in her garden and backyard in order to better understand the importance of living in a biodiverse world and what that means for our food system. We will document our findings on a map and by creating a photo gallery to make comparisons at a later date.

Kim Aman is a garden coordinator and educator at Moss Haven Farm and numerous school gardens in and around Dallas, Texas. She is known to her students as ‘Farmer Kim,’ and you can find Farmer Kim’s great 2020 Stay at Home Garden Resources here!

Lauren Maples is the founding executive director of PEAS, whose mission it is to is to cultivate joyful connection to nature through outdoor learning and edible education. Take a look at PEAS’ great distance learning resources in both Spanish and English.

Materials Needed

  • Paper x3 sheets
  • Pencil
  • Clipboard
  • Magnifying glass (optional)
  • Phone/camera (optional — sketches of species can be drawn instead of taking photos)


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