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In the first of two Slow Food Live sessions supported by TILIA Wines, we learned about how the winery embodies sustainability and the pillars of good, clean and fair. TILIA was the first wine in Argentina to carry the Certified Sustainability seal from Bodegas de Argentina on their label. 

Guillermina Van Houten, TILIA Vineyard Sustainability Specialist, shared TILIA’s commitment to sustainability both within the vineyard and within the community. “TILIA has always been driven by sustainability because we seek to create an action around sustainable living not only in Argentina but all around the world,” Guillermina explained. She helped the audience understand what biodiversity is, and how TILIA works to achieve this harmonious balance of nature through their growing practices. 

Gonzalo Llensa, TILIA Winemaker, then took us through a wine tasting, highlighting TILIA’s signature wines including their Malbec, Bonarda, and Torrontés wines.

By the end of the tasting, we all received invitations to visit Mendoza, where Guillermina and Gonzalo explained life is slow, deeply connected to nature and always accompanied by great wine. 

TILIA Wines’ approach to biodiversity and sustaining community is centered around five pillars:

Social Sustainability

People enrich the land and we enrich our people. We support our community with an array of programs to ensure that we all thrive as one.”

Deeply Rooted

“Our roots, like our traditions, are robust and deep. They descend far into the soil to access glacial water from the ancestral irrigation canals.”

Thriving on Biodiversity

“We preserve and nurture plants, insects, and animals so that our vineyards can adapt to a changing environment.”

Natural Resilience

“A reverence for traditional farming practices has shielded our ungrafted vineyards from harsh interventions, sustaining the land for generations to come.”

Stronger Together

“Tilia wines reflect our values: honor tradition, support the community, and respect nature.”

Join us for our second Slow Food Live with TILIA Wines, titled People Matter, on November 10th at 8pm ET to learn more about TILIA’s commitment to social sustainability. Learn more and register for the event here

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