Lima Beans Song (Curried Lima Beans)

Suchitra Kamath's recipe for hearty Lima beans. She says "Indians are known for their curries. Beans are an essential part of our diet. This is a simple very basic recipe that is easy to make."
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This recipe was prepared by my grandmother who recommends eating Abbala early in the morning
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Lima Beans Platter

This platter comprises of 3 dishes: the Lima Beans Rice, Quinoa Lima Beans Pilaf and Curried Lima Beans. Indians are known for using beans in their everyday diet. There is a plethora of dishes that uses beans. I am just sharing 3 simple ones that anyone new to beans can rustle up for a weeknight meal.
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Creole Pinto Bean and Greens Soup

This soup recipe is a take-off on a traditional Southern meal of Pinto Beans and Greens, combined together and served in soup form. There’s little I love more at this time of year than a great big ol’ pot of soup beans and another of simmering greens, that combination is Southern Comfort Food at its very best!
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