Slow Food Leaders: Brian Yazzie

“This is the time and place for the Indigenous food movement. The Western perspective may see us as a trend or a fad, but we’ve always been here; we’ve just been overlooked. Not only did our ancestors survive colonization, but so did our ingredients.”

Slow Food Leaders: Arden Lewis

The immigrant and refugee women who cook at Comal are participants in that experience, not simply hourly workers in a cafe. They are cultural ambassadors to the surrounding community, sharing recipes, techniques, and stories. They cook food that humanizes and equalizes.

Slow Food Leaders: Elsi Rose

Elsi encourages others to look at Slow Food, to pick and choose what can be applied to the needs of their community and adding their own “flavor” to it, much the way her residents use the fruits of the community garden. Nothing makes her smile more than walking into the garden to a chorus of, “my grandma used to make that!”

Cooking Heritage Turkey

by Julie Kunen, Slow Food USA ‘Tis the season! No, not the Christmas season, the Thanksgiving season — the most delicious holiday of the year. Understandably, you might be expecting a blog post about turkey. Preparing turkey, how to not overcook the turkey, eating...