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Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse Creates Harmony with Animal Management and Environmental Stewardship

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse is part of our Snail of Approval program, granted by Slow Food Northern New Jersey; the farm sits on 187 acres of land in Milford, New Jersey, and focuses on 100% grass-fed, farmstead cheese, produced on a small-scale regenerative farm. In 2002, when Nina and Jonathan started the project, most landowners were utilizing their properties for tract housing or subsidy farming, causing negative environmental effects and reducing community value. The fields the dairy and bakehouse currently operate on were originally used for conventional crop rotation; the land was barren, pale and parched and faced erosion as well as flooding issues after heavy rainfalls.

Slow Food Live presents Meating the Future: A conversation about the future of real and alternative meat

What’s the Slow Food take on our growing spectrum of “meats”? Join an expert panel of nutritionists, activists and scientists who will explore plant and cell-based alternatives to farmed meat from several perspectives, including taste, nutrition, cultural significance, human and environmental health, animal welfare, and producer and eater equity.

Slow Meat Policy Panel

From policy advocates to farmers to workers’ rights organizers, and even a veterinarian, the speakers at the What’s The Beef? Slow Food Live session represented a diverse set of perspectives. Although stemming from various backgrounds, the panelists spoke harmoniously...

Cooking Grass-fed Beef with Chef Juan Barajas

The popularity of grass-fed beef is not surprising considering the benefits to the environment and personal health. Join this interactive session with preparation and menu ideas specific to pasture raised beef. Learn from Chef Juan Barajas of Slow Food Yolo County why...