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It is with a mix of gratitude and sadness that we announce today that executive director Richard McCarthy has recently stepped down from the organization to pursue other opportunities.  The Slow Food USA Board thanks Richard for his role over the past six years in promoting Slow Food’s core values of good, clean, and fair food for all and for laying the groundwork for our Slow Food Nations festival in Denver.

We have formed a committee to begin a comprehensive process for search, selection, and appointment of Slow Food USA’s next executive director.

During the transition period, Anna Mulé will serve as interim executive director, and Krista Roberts will serve as executive director of Slow Food Nations. They will work closely with the Slow Food USA Board and Slow Food International.  Richard has agreed to work closely with all of us for the next two months to ensure a smooth transition.

Richard says, “Six-years ago, I was brought to Slow Food USA to set Slow Food in a new strategic direction toward the realization of its mission. Having successfully instituted several new initiatives, now is a good time for SFUSA to continue down this path but without me at the helm.”

An environmentally and socially sustainable food system, with biodiversity and human diversity at its core, has never been more crucial. Our focus will be on finding a new executive director who is passionate about the mission of Slow Food and can help us carry it forward.  

Slow Food envisions a world in which all people can enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it, and good for the planet. Access to good food is a right and not a privilege. All persons, regardless of race, class, religion, orientation, or financial means, deserve a seat at the table of good, healthy food and to freely enjoy its pleasures.

Join us in thanking Richard for his service. We look forward to your support and collaboration during the next stage in our journey.   

Julie Shaffer, Co-Chair, Board of Directors, Slow Food USA
Joel Smith,  Co-Chair, Board of Directors, Slow Food USA


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