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by Slow Food USA staffer Julia Middleton

Sparkseed (formerly Conscious Lifestyle) is offering an exciting opportunity to get your great idea turned into a real social venture with financial backing, guidance from a team of mentors and webspace to display your accomplishments and inspire others. Sparkseed has partnered with Slow Food on Campus for the second year in a row and reserved one of their 10 new venture spots specifically for a project from one of our chapters. And, even if you are not involved with Slow Food on Campus— and you really should be– but you have an awesome idea for a social venture, you are eligible to participate in Sparkseed’s program.

Sparkseed is currently accepting applications; the deadline is March 1, 2009. Go to their website and check it out. You must be a college student in your first or second year of school so that Sparkseed can work with you for two years, helping you to spread your project to other campuses across the country. However, if you are a part of an organization–such as Slow Food on Campus–that collectively comes up with a really great idea for a venture, nominate a representative or two to take on the leadership of the project as a facet of your greater work as a group.

If you:

  • have got an amazing, one of a kind, going-to-change-the-world idea
  • need some money and/or guidance from someone who has been there and done that
  • have the webspace to advertise your great idea

check out Sparkseed!