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Two articles caught our eye this week, both exploring the potential limitations of organic agriculture.

  • Paul Roberts’ article in Mother Jones is called “Spoiled: Organic and Local Is So 2008.” He’s the fellow who last year wrote the excellent “End of Food,” and in this article he tries to examine where organic and local agriculture’s limits might lie. Can organic ag feed us all? And who is “us?” Just Americans? What about those people living in increasingly desertified Africa? Sure to ruffle some feathers in the organic/local world, Roberts’ article is worth consideration.
  • Kim Severson and Andrew Martin’s article in today’s Dining Section of the NY Times. Remember two weeks ago in our Peanut Butter Recall Redux when we marveled that the “organic” peanuts in Clif bars had been recalled? Severson and Martin explore organic’s inability to provide consumers with a plate free of anxiety about foodborne illness. Click here and please, let’s discuss below in comments…