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As we ramp up for the big event, there’s been lots of great coverage:

What to Do and Where to Eat: Check out this handy highlight guide from 7×7.com. The best part? The Greek-gods-of-good-and-plenty graphic featuring Carlo Petrini, Alice Waters, Gavin Newsome, Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser.

Featured Products: Check out this article from the Fresno Bee that discusses products from the Central Valley that will be present at the event. How’d we get such a strong Valley presence? Why, Slow Food Regional Governor and local farmer Tom Willey, of course!

Victory Garden Ready to Pick: 1,500 pounds of food, all going to local shelters.

Bite-Size Bulletins: Lil’ bits of background, interviews, updates, etc. from Chow.com

How to Cover the Event? The movement?: This article from the Columbia Journalism Review explores the journalist’s perspective.

And what about you? If you won’t be there, what will you be doing Labor Day weekend to celebrate your food heritage?