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Of all of the dramatic shifts 2020 has wrought, we find ourselves at a food system crossroads as the huge industrial supply chains that made food a globalized commodity essentially broke down last spring. Finding standard proteins and produce became a challenge.

However, essential workers like local farmers and fish harvesters who had already established some form of direct sales within and around their communities thrived. Their operations experienced rapid, massive growth simply by doing what they’ve always been doing. Imagine that: Returning to our roots as hunter-gatherers finding food close to the source.

This webinar will feature stories from those in the seafood supply chain whose markets have grown with direct sales within a localized economy. We’ll hear what they’re doing to expand their operations and bring more people into the conversation about locally sourced seafood. And we’ll explore which narratives and business models are worth replicating elsewhere to continue changing the direction of our local seafood systems.


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