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Fair Defined by Slow Food

What is the SFUSA definition of fair? We believe food should have accessible prices for consumers and co-producers. We expect fair conditions and equitable pay for producers and all workers. Fighting for dignity and economic justice of labor from field to fork. There should be geographical and equitable access for all communities.

Fair should be embedded in all lessons across the school curricula on a regular basis. This guide will provide teachers with practices and skills to integrate the fair mindset into everyday lessons.

Fair is defined by Slow Food USA to have multiple components:

  1. Solidarity economies are better for people and the planet. When food systems ensure fair pay and fair working conditions, we balance global economies.
  2. Farmers, fish-harvesters, food producers, Indigenous people and other workers are valued as key experts and decision makers.


Plan of Action

A coalition of diverse school garden leaders are coming together to create a thorough curriculum that introduces students to the concept of Fair. This guide will encompass standard lessons geared to sharing stories and case studies in addition to providing lesson plans and hands-on experiential learning through qualitative data analysis that will provide anecdotal evidence to support this work.  


Proposed Table of Contents

  1. Intro to Slow Food and the School Garden Network
  2. Introduction to Fair
    1. Define Fair for Slow Gardens
    2. Define Food System and show examples in terms of producers, consumers, etc.
    3. Fair Issues including worker rights, etc.
  3. Contributor bios
  4. Lesson plans and activities
    1. Garden classes – Farmworkers 
    2. Cooking activities – Food waste, Fair access, Food Justice 
    3. Garden to Cafeteria – Farm Economy 
    4. Youth Farm stands – Farm economy
    5. Produce for Pantries
    6. Value-added
  5. Fair issues in the school garden
    1. Food waste
    2. Food sovereignty
    3. Farm economy
    4. Worker rights
    5. Fair access
    6. Fair wages
    7. Food justice
    8. Community justice in the food system [elementary focus]
    9. Local and national food systems [middle school focus]
    10. Global food systems and human rights [high school focus]


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