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“My husband and I have a small organic farm – Plato’s Harvest in Middleboro, MA. Taking and sharing pictures of our farm allows us to extend our community and share both the joys and challenges of farming with those who can’t be involved on a day-to-day basis. Our photos allow others to get a better sense of where their food comes from and helps them feel closer to our farm and their food. I continually get comments from customers and CSA members about how much they appreciate the photos we share on our blog and website.” — Sasha Purpura, winner of photo contest

When we heard that three states*(see UPDATES below!)–Florida, Iowa, and Minnesota–had introduced legislation that would make it illegal to take photos or videos of farms, we felt it was important to launch our Farmarazzi campaign (like paparazzi, get it?). Inhumane and unhealthy conditions are present in our food system, and keeping that information from the public won’t make them go away. We wanted to use this as an opportunity to lift up the good, clean and fair farmers who like consumers to come and see exactly how their food is produced.

We were overwhelmed by the flood of support: nearly 33,000 people signed our petition and over 400 photos were uploaded to our Facebook page. And so far, in Florida all states but Iowa the bill died after finding no support!

The top 11 most popular photos–and 9 more that we just thought were swell–are in the above slideshow. In addition they were turned into photo albums that we sent to key legislators in each state. Included is the adorable pic of two muddy pigs in a bucket taken by Sasha Purpura, who is quoted above–and who won a brand new digital camera!