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Food & Farm Policy: Bills to Support Right Now

Ask your Senators to co-sponsor these bills!
Find your senator’s contact info here.

Use this script for an email to your Senator:

Dear Senator ____,

My name is ____. I am a constituent and a supporter of Slow Food USA, the national, non-profit organization dedicated to a food chain that is Good, Clean, and Fair for All.

Our small and mid-scale family farmers and ranchers and an increasing number of Americans suffering food insecurity because of the pandemic need our help to get them through this unprecedented time of challenge, I ask you to co-sponsor these common-sense bills:

– Food Assistance for Kids and Families During COVID-19 Act (S.3563)

– New Markets for State Inspection Meat and Poultry Act (S.2814)

– Relief for America’s Small Farmers Act (S.3602)

– Farmers Feeding Families – Coronavirus Response Act (S.3655)

Thank you for your attention.


(your name)


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