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Grassroots International, a Boston-based organization that “supports the initiatives of peasants and family farmers, women and indigenous groups to protect human rights to land, water and food,” has produced a primer on food sovereignty in partnership with Food and Water Watch.

Understanding that for many people food sovereignty can be a somewhat elusive term, they have produced “Towards a Green Food System,” a report that explains the food sovereignty movement’s natural alignment with the larger environmental sustainability movement, as well as with food-based movements such as Slow Food. It discusses the main conversational threads from the 2007 Forum for Food Sovereignty, laying out the stakes (the right to sustainably farmed land, the right of a community to control its own seed supply, the right to support small family farms), sharing specific examples from around the world, and making recommendations for individual involvement in the movement.

Grassroots International has several reports available for download on their website, including this one.