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  1. A delightful little review of a deep-fried sandwich, notable both for the sandwich, yes (and YUM), but also for the intro paragraph which gets at the great food divide in this country–the growing interest in real, slow food and the consistent, persistent presence of fake, fast food.
  2. A new survey shows that “consumers … want their foods to clearly display key information, including country of origin, so they can make more informed buying decisions.”
  3. The Washington Post covers how these three gals took the road less traveled, a slow bike journey across the country to “chronicle(d) a grass-roots movement seeking to change the way we put food on our table.” Speaking of bike rides, check out this post from Grist on Kurt Friese’s cross-Iowa ride…
  4. Land-grant universities in this country are working towards addressing the world’s food security issues. Read about how “land-grant institutions, including Texas A&M, play a vital part in international agriculture through providing developing countries with technical assistance, educational outreach, improved technology and agricultural practices, scientific training and research, and hands-on instruction.”


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