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A while back I wrote about Fritz Haeg’s art-cum-ag project called “Edible Estates.” Well this news just in: for the new edition of the book they are looking for more reports from across the country from those that have decided to engage in “full frontal gardening.”

Have you replaced the lawn in front of your house or apartment building with a completely edible garden? Questions and submissions can be sent to: assistant[at]fritzhaeg.com

They will need:
– a 500 word story about your garden
– 4 or 5 photos of your garden at the highest resolution
– your name, mailing address, size of garden, date established, and USDA Plant Hardiness Zone

  • Zone 9 includes: Houston, Tampa, New Orleans
  • Zone 5 includes: Des Moines, Chicago, Detroit
  • Zone 4 includes: Minneapolis, Burlington, Anchorage
  • Zone 3 includes: Northern Minnesota, Montana, and Maine

Find the detailed map here or go here to find your zone by zip code.

Edible Estates (http://www.edibleestates.org) has initiated a series of regional prototype front yard gardens since 2005 for families in Salina, KS; Lakewood, CA; Maplewood, NJ; London, UK; Austin, TX, Los Angeles, CA; Baltimore, MD; and most recently, the Lenape Edible Estate: Manhattan, which will have it’s public opening on September 14th: