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Many of you have been following the news about the devastating floods that hit Georgia in late September.  The flood waters resulting from the heavy rains caught many by surprise and resulted in eight deaths throughout the state.  The governor declared a state of emergency in the 17 hardest hit counties.  There were numerous photos of houses half under water and people wading through streets to save stranded motorists and pets. 

What you may not have seen is the devastation caused to the farms and farmland throughout Georgia.  Many farms have lost their entire fall crops and large amounts of livestock.  Others have seen all of their valuable topsoil just wash away.  This is a tragic turn of events for many of the farmers in Georgia, so we can hope you’ll consider helping them.  Slow Food Atlanta has set-up a fund, which you can contribute to by visiting their web site.  The Slow Food Atlanta chapter board will distribute raised funds to those in greatest need.  We encourage you to help these farmers get back on their feet and re-build for a new season.  We know many of you in the southeast have already contributed to this fund.  Thank you, on behalf of those farmers, for your generous support.