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Celebrate Earth Day With Your Own Garden

What better way to honor Mother Nature than to plant your own garden on Earth Day? It's easier than you'd think and the benefits will be as plentiful as your fall harvest!

Keep things simple, start small, and work with what you love is good advice not just for gardening, but for life! With a little pre-planning, starting your first garden can be painless.

Think Outside The Plot
For those who are strapped for space or who want to start small, thinking creatively can yield plentiful results: container gardening and 3-D planting are some of the options available to maximize space. Also consider starting your seeds indoors which yields many benefits including an earlier harvest. Bring Earth Day inside!

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About…
Gardening comes with its own lingo. Soon you'll be talking the talk as you become well versed in the finer points of plantspeak which includes such topics as leggy seedlings. This condition is unwanted (weakened stems and stunted growth are the result) and easily preventable (sufficient light, adequate wind, and proper timing are safeguards).

With such a variety of seeds available at your local gardening supply store and online, deciding what to plant can become daunting. Luckily, easy-to-plant, adaptable seeds that function well for beginning gardeners abound. You'll also want to consider the proper layout for your garden, which supplies you'll need, how to read a seed packet…all this and more is covered in this informative handbook that contains everything you'll need to know to start a garden on Earth Day.

Written by Lydia Serrano with research by Cassie Vander Meer (Slow Food USA)

Happy Earth Day from Slow Food USA!


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