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by Gordon Jenkins

The movement to improve school food reached Alabama last month, when Slow Food Birmingham brought school officials, chefs, farmers and the public together to highlight the challenge schools face in serving healthy school lunches – and what we as citizens can do to help.

Right now, Congress gives schools only $2.68 for each lunch served. Most of that money goes to overhead, leaving schools with only $1 per meal to buy food. Even the most well meaning school nutrition directors can’t keep kids healthy and prevent childhood obesity if all they can afford is cheap, processed food.

The Time for Lunch Campaign is calling for Congress to invest funding in school lunch when legislators renew the Child Nutrition Act at the beginning of next year. Across the country, volunteers are working to help kids and parents write letters to Congress and organize community events.

Slow Food Birmingham launched their local campaign by showing what could be done if Congress gave schools just $1 more per meal. Read about the event on Food Revival, the blog of volunteer organizer Amanda Storey.

The relationships that grew out of the event have led to some exciting partnerships for 2010. If you’re in the Birmingham area, contact the Slow Food chapter to get involved.


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