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by youth programs intern Heather Teige

This fall, we’ve teamed up with 350.org, Student/Farmworker Alliance, and Real Food Challenge to host three different events geared to draw attention to Good, Clean, and Fair. We have designed a series of actions that will pool our networks with student power to bring awareness to pressing issues in our current food system, and to create a platform where we can discuss how food interacts with climate change, labor, and community.

Each month, Slow Food on Campus chapters, along with our partners and the supporters of our student network, will plan an event engaging that month’s focus area to demonstrate publicly the change we wish to see in the food system.

We will kick things off in October with Clean by partnering with 350.org, an international organization working to engage the public in climate change issues. We’ll help by educating our communities about the connections between climate change and food and will participate in 350.org’s international day of action on October 24th.

In November, we’ll address Fairness in the food system by working with Student / Farmworker Alliance to take on dining service providers and to ensure better wages for farm workers in Immokalee, Florida, this winter. And in December, we’ll get back to Slow Food USA’s roots with a focus on Good – doing good in our communities by bringing people together to share good food.

Through the days of action, we hope to creatively engage our communities in thought, discussion, and action. Together, we will unite to change our food system into something we believe in, something Good, Clean, and Fair.


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