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Earlier this week, the USDA announced a Grassfed Marketing Claim Standard, one which they hoped would make things less confusing for consumers and hold producers to a more truthful, higher standard. They hope to eliminate the present issue of producers calling their meat “grassfed” when, in fact, it’s finished with grain–an extremely common practice.

Sounds great, right? We looooove standards!

Well, according to our friends at the American Grassfed Association, this standard doesn’t go far enough, not by a long shot. They issued a position statement in response which enumerates these shortcomings, including the fact that it’s a voluntary standard (no enforcement, no requirements), that it takes no hard line on confinement (many producers allow their animals “access to pasture,” which might amount only to an open door), and that it takes no stand on the use of antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

Basically, you can buy grassfed beef and think it means you are eating something very pure and delicious, when in fact, it’s still a cow standing flank to flank with its neighbour, and being pumped full of chemicals. Blech! What’s a consumer to do?

And to add another odd layer to this all, the Washington Post reports that due to the nationwide drought we’re experiencing (officially “exceptional” in the Southeast), there ain’t much grass this year for the cows chew on.


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