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Win a DVD of the upcoming film “The Botany of Desire!” Apple season is here, orchards are producing their first fruits, and the Renewing America’s Food Traditions Alliance continues its work identifying rare apple varieties, coordinating regional “forgotten fruit” workshops and compiling resources on apple diversity.

What can you do? A lot! At the community level, you can find where old orchards still exist, take cuttings from them, learn how to graft those onto rootstock (or find someone who knows how to help), organize apple tastings and celebrate your own local apple culture. Today, we invite you to create your own Heirloom Apple Scavenger Hunt at local farms and orchards, or even at your local farmers market.

Take photos of as many heirloom/heritage/old-timey varieties as you can, including the farm or farmer where you located it. Your own backyard counts! Send us your list of apples, your photos, and a recipe for something you made with one or more kind of apple.

The deadline is Oct. 15. Email your submissions to raftalliance@slowfoodusa.org.

We will enter your name in a drawing—Ten winners will receive a DVD of the upcoming film “The Botany of Desire.” Winners will be announced on Oct. 28, the same day that the movie airs on PBS (8 pm).


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