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Leader Tools + Resources


Every year, the Slow Food USA community revisits its National Statute and makes revisions based on current needs. The current National Statute was ratified in February 2022.

2021 federal taxes

Tax day is coming up for 501(c)(3) organizations like your chapter. Please follow these guidelines for completing your chapter’s federal taxes, and then let us know you’ve done so by uploading your Form 990 here:


Chapter updates, reporting and filing
  • Chapter Handbook
    Your guide to the administrative side of running a local chapter.

STay in touch

  • Join the Slow Food USA Leaders Facebook group
    Connect with our national network of leaders

  • Join the Slow Food USA Slack platform
    Please join with your official Slow Food chapter email (ends in @slowfoodusa.org). This way you can share this log in with current and subsequent leaders.  Channels to join are #sf-leaders #sf-fundraising and more

  • Sign up for the Leader Links monthly email
    Bring national and international campaigns to your community, take advantage of exclusive opportunities to spread the Slow Food message, and get access to promotional and educational materials by signing up for our monthly Leader Links email.
  • Chapter Email Accounts
    These accounts are the official communication route from Slow Food USA to our network of chapters. You should check this account regularly, as it is where all our official chapter communication will be sent from the national office, including: Annual Report URLs, Leader Links (we will continue sending this to personal addresses as well), Membership Lists, New tools and updates, Tax Information

    If you’re having trouble logging into your chapter email account, send a note to chapters@slowfoodusa.org.

Share your Stories

We want to know about all the great things you are doing as a chapter, the extraordinary individuals in your community and all things Slow Food happening in your part of the world. Click the button below to share stories, photos and announcements from your chapter.