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2020 Annual Report

Can’t believe it’s been another year! Please take the time to complete the Annual Report for 2020. We know it’s been quite the tough year (understatement of the year), but we still would like to know what happened– even if what happened was a complete pause due to the pandemic. This newly written annual report will be the foundation for all us to better collaborate with each other and for the development of new services. 

The annual report is due May 15, 2021. Please click the link below for the online report form (note- this year it is indeed possible to start and save your progress! Woohoo! This is not automatic so be sure to save before you quit a session) 


Promo Materials + Toolkits
Click here to find brand tools, find logos, read and download guides for bringing the Slow Food Message to your community and learn how to grow our grassroots network
Chapter updates, reporting, and filing
  • Chapter Handbook
    Your guide to the administrative side of running a local chapter.

Commit to Joy + Justice

Slow Food USA is taking network-wide steps to further our commitment to equity, inclusion, and justice. We are (1) publicly commiting to enacting greater justice in our work and organizations, (2) agreeing to a code of conduct for creating safe spaces, and (3) publicly stating our next specific action steps toward greater equity and justice.

Chapter Leadership Change FOrm

Slow Food USA is held together and run by a network of inspired leaders. Please be sure to fill out this form whenever there is a chapter leader change, so that we can keep everyone in touch!

Are you a new chapter leader (or not new but haven’t yet told us more about yourself?) Or are you transitioning out of a leadership position?

2020 Leader summit archvie

Access the archive of 21 hour-long sessions to support your leadership, fundraising, communications and programming. Speakers and panelists include leaders in the Slow Food USA leader network as well as guest experts.

STay in touch

  • Join the Slow Food USA Leaders Facebook group
    Connect with our national network of leaders

  • Join the Slow Food USA Slack platform
    Please join with your official Slow Food chapter email (ends in @slowfoodusa.org). This way you can share this log in with current and subsequent leaders.  Channels to join are #sf-leaders #sf-fundraising and more

  • Sign up for the Leader Links monthly email
    Bring national and international campaigns to your community, take advantage of exclusive opportunities to spread the Slow Food message, and get access to promotional and educational materials by signing up for our monthly Leader Links email.
  • Chapter Email Accounts
    These accounts are the official communication route from Slow Food USA to our network of chapters. You should check this account regularly, as it is where all our official chapter communication will be sent from the national office, including: Annual Report URLs, Leader Links (we will continue sending this to personal addresses as well), Membership Lists, New tools and updates, Tax Information

    If you’re having trouble logging into your chapter email account, send a note to chapters@slowfoodusa.org.

 Slow Food Network Support Directory

This directory is a listing of Slow Food leaders that are volunteering to be an advisor, guide, and support for other leaders. This directory is organized by Slow Food Sector. Here you can find help on anything from Local Chapter Management to collaborating with the School Garden Network and more.  If you are willing to join the directory as an amazing support for other leaders, please use the join form found immediately below the directory table.


Share your Stories

We want to know about all the great things you are doing as a chapter, the extraordinary individuals in your community and all things Slow Food happening in your part of the world. Click the button below to share stories, photos and announcements from your chapter.

Chapter Goals and Priorities

Below is a table listing each active chapter’s current goals and actions. This shared resource is intended to give all chapters insight into what we are all doing with the hope that we can build alliances, support networks, and succeed together.

UPdate your chapter's goals + Activities


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