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National Groups

Ark of Taste National Community

Slow Food’s Ark of Taste national community mobilizes and vets regional Ark nominations, works with Slow Food International for publication, and encourages educational and professional promotion of biodiversity. We are thankful for their expertise and enthusiasm!

NortheastMimi Edelman and Jeff Quattrone
Southeast: David Shields
The Midwest: Jennifer Breckner
Rocky Mountain Southwest: Gay Chanler and Marilyn Noble
California: Peter Ruddock
Pacific Northwest and Hawaii: Cheryl Brock Laurie Carlson and Gerry Warren

Equity, Inclusion and Justice

We believe that food systems must be equitable, inclusive and just in order to be sustainable. Following substantial food justice investments by the Kellogg Foundation, the 11th Hour Project and others, Slow Food leaders created an Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Working Group in 2017. Slow Food Turtle Island Association, which represents indigenous peoples of the North American continent, is a key partner. This group of over sixty leaders and activists have designed and funded leader workshops, public panels, and dinners at Slow Food Nations that feature the diversity of voices represented by the Slow Food network.

The EIJ Working Group also created the Slow Food Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Manifesto, which was adopted by the entire network in the USA and guides every aspect of Slow Food USA’s work. We have seen a quadrupling of network support in three years. In 2020, we are focusing on building chapter capacity to bring similar programs to chapters and regions throughout the country. Please join us.

Points of Contact:

Charity Kenyon (CA) + Jim Embry (KY)

Food and Farm Policy

Slow Food USA believes in the power of a food chain that is Good, Clean, and Fair for All! It starts with our personal decisions about what food is on our plates and continues through advocating for federal, state, and local public policy that affects every aspect of the food chain, from farm to fork.

By advocating for positive change in public policy, we can forge the political, social, environmental, and economic links to develop a sustainable and fair food chain. This policy page will help keep you informed about food and farm challenges, opportunities, and times to be heard by policy makers.

Point of Contact:

Ed Yowell

Slow Fish

Slow Fish is an international campaign and series of gatherings and regionally-scaled events that bring together chefs, youth, organizers and fishers to turn the tide away from industrial seafood and toward seafood that is good, clean, and fair for all. The Slow Fish campaign aims to elevate Slow seafood in honoring fair compensation for our seafood harvesters and promoting the long-term health of our planet.

Point of Contact:


The Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN)

The Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) connects the up-and-coming generation of passionate Slow Food members around the globe. Spurred by extra energy, innovative ideas and solutions that uphold the Slow Food philosophy are shared. While upholding the Slow Food principle that food should be Good, Clean and Fair for all, SFYN leaders are inspiring change in how we produce and consume our food on the local and global levels. The Youth Network extends its reach across the globe through community-based events like Disco Soupe celebrations, Eat-Ins, Food Film Festivals, and celebrating food culture and championing sustainability!

P0int of Contact:

Lauren Nelson


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