Leader Resources


Here you will find tools and information that support your work in communities. Below are toolkits to help you organize around Slow Food’s themes, information for past and upcoming leader calls, guidelines to help you govern your local chapter, and more.

If you are interested in organizing for Slow Food in your community, please take the first step in joining this global movement by becoming a member today! If you want to start a new chapter, take a look at the New Chapter Application.

Connect with our national network of leaders by joining our Facebook group. Take advantage of this platform to get inspired and to learn from your peers. Together we are building a world of good, clean, fair food for all! 

Events & Gatherings

Slow Food is all about bringing people together to experience good, clean, and fair food.

Toolkits + Promo Materials

Read and download guides for bringing the Slow Food Message to your community and learn how to grow our grassroots network

Share your story

We want to know about all the great things you are doing as a chapter, the extraordinary individuals in your community and all things Slow Food happening in your part of the world. Click the button below to share stories, photos and announcements from your chapter.

Leader Calls

Leader Calls engage our leaders on a variety of topics throughout the year. Check out upcoming calls on the Slow Food USA Network Calendar. Below are examples of previously recorded calls and webinars. For more recordings, visit our YouTube channel.

Leader Links E-mail

Bring national and international campaigns to your community, take advantage of exclusive opportunities to spread the Slow Food message, and get access to promotional and educational materials by signing up for our monthly Leader Links email.

Organize your Chapter

The section below provides important guides and forms for new and existing chapters —>


  • Annual chapter reports help the national office tell the story of Slow Food across the country by highlighting what chapters are doing on the ground. It’s also your chance to tell us how best to contact you, what’s working for you, and what’s not.
  • The deadline for chapters to submit their 2019 annual report is February 15, 2020. We recommend using this PDF to view the questions ahead of time and prepare your answers before submitting the report. When you are ready to submit your responses, please use this SurveyMonkey link.
  • A summary of the 2017 Annual Chapter Report is synthesized and presented in the 2017 Annual Chapter Report.
  • Chapter Email Accounts are the official communication route from Slow Food USA to our network of chapters. You should check this account regularly, as it is where all our official chapter communication will be sent from the national office, including:
    • Annual Report URLs
    • Leader Links (we will continue sending this to personal addresses as well)
    • Membership Lists
    • New tools and updates
    • Tax Information
  • If you’re having trouble logging into your chapter email account, send a note to chapters@slowfoodusa.org.

New chapter leaders

Slow Food is all about bringing people together to experience good, clean, and fair food.Are you a new chapter leader (or not new but haven’t yet told us more about yourself?), please fill out the Chapter Leader info form to tell us more about you!