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The Slow Food Youth Network

The Slow Food Youth Network is celebrating food culture and local tastes and reducing food waste while championing sustainability and biodiversity in their communities and around the world.

The SFYN connects the up-and-coming generation of passionate Slow Food members around the globe. Spurred by extra energy, innovative ideas and solutions that uphold the Slow Food philosophy are shared. While upholding the Slow Food principle that food should be good, clean and fair for all, SFYN leaders are inspiring change in how we produce and consume our food on the local and global levels. The Youth Network extends its reach across the globe through community-based events like Disco Soup celebrations, Eat-Ins, and Food Film Festivals.

SFYN around the world

Students from the University of Gastronomic Sciences and other universities together with young farmers, fishers, artisans, chefs and activists launched the SFYN in 2007. Today the network is represented in many countries – from South Korea to France, the USA and Mexico.

EVENTS in the Slow Food youth network

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Stories of the Slow Food Youth Movement

Slow Sipping with Matcha

Slow Sipping with Matcha

Matcha is beloved for its health benefits and brings the clarity and energy you need into your busy day. If you drink every sip of matcha with a purpose – whether that’s redeeming its sustained caffeine effects, appreciating its complex flavor profile, or acknowledging its historical significance – you can achieve some sense of mindfulness and “slowness” in your day!

SFYN Leadership