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To kick off our three part pasta series, in partnership with Pastificio Di Martino, we were joined by the Pasta Queen, Nadia Caterina Munno, and Pastificio Di Martino President, Giuseppe di Martino. The Pasta Queen and Giuseppe shared lots of tips and tricks to make the perfect pasta dish. Nadia’s secret? Always use the pasta water in the sauce. Giuseppe’s advice? Always make sure you are pairing the right pasta shape with the right sauce – yes that matters!

The Pasta Queen discussed her passion to share the simplicity of pasta making, emphasizing that you can make a delicious, nutritious pasta meal in under 20 minutes. Pasta, she described, is the fast food of slow food. She also shared with us her famous lemon ricotta pasta, using the trottole shape from Pasta Di Martino, exclaiming, “This is pasta from heaven.” The recipe can be found via her Instagram account and other social media channels.

While our mouths were watering from the beautiful pasta dish, Giuseppe shared his mastery knowledge on pasta – the Di Martino family has been making pasta commercially since 1912. The Gragnano pasta they make is known for its wheat, which is grown in the perfect climate – Campania. This makes for the perfect pasta. It is such a celebrated pasta, it is even protected by the Italian government.

The Pasta Queen left us with an empowering message – “You are the master of your pasta,” encouraging all of us to have fun with our pasta.

You can find Pastificio Di Martino via pasta retailers online and at various grocery stores.

Our second session was You Say Pasta on May 13 and catch the final one, The Soul of Macaroni and Cheese on May 21

Happy pasta making!

Find more recipes from Nadia, the Pasta Queen, on her social media.

Learn more about the di Martino family and their practice of making past for over 100 years!

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Since 1912 Pastificio Di Martino has brought its 100% Italian high quality pasta worldwide. Di Martino pasta has been made for three generations by the successful encounter of selected 100% Italian durum wheat semolina with the purest local spring water. The bronze die extrusion and the slow drying process at low temperature help making it fall under PGI Gragnano Pasta mark. The result is a tasty, healthy and highly digestible product, which perfectly holds sauces and returns the fragrant aroma of fresh wheat.


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