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by director of development Kate Krauss

Wow. It’s been a pretty exciting few days.

Our September membership drive—where we waived our traditional $60 membership fee—was a huge success. More than 5000 people joined Slow Food, over ten times our normal monthly rate. It turns out there was some pent-up demand for lower membership rates, after all, and not just from my fellow non-profit-employed friends.

Perhaps our most incredible response came from Mr. Donald Sussman. He was so enthusiastic about the positive results that he encouraged us to keep the drive going. And his encouragement was particularly compelling: he has offered to match all new gifts that come in between now and October 15 dollar for dollar.

As you can imagine, there’s been a lot of excitement and positive spirits here in the Brooklyn office of Slow Food USA. What a welcome break from the grey spirits of a year where we’ve seen dips in charitable giving across the country and so many of our friends deal with layoffs and downsizing.

If you haven’t yet joined Slow Food, now is the time. Help us maximize this incredible opportunity that Mr. Sussman has given us. And if you have, know that there is an office full of hard-working food advocates toasting you with a glass of locally-grown, seasonally appropriate apple cider.