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Plant a Seed. Share a Seed.

The Share a Seed initiative is inspired by the traditional seed swap model and designed to create community and get more people growing, at a time when seeds and opportunities to connect are scarce. Have seeds to spare? Help us build community, enhance food sovereignty, and restore relationships to food and land by donating your surplus through our Share a Seed initiative. In this first year of the program, six Slow Food chapters from across the country will be taking seed donations and hosting events to help get their communities growing.

share a seed

You can send your spare garden seed to any one of six participating chapters. Fill out the form at the button below to get the info you need for mailing them in!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ below or send us an email.

Participating Chapters

In this first year of the campaign, six Slow Food chapters are piloting the program and serving as seed donation hubs. They’ll be receiving seeds from growers across the country who want to share their spares. Through events, outreach initiatives, and local partnerships, these Slow Food chapters will pass on donated seeds to community members as a means of forging new connections with our food, our land, and one another.

Slow Food Las Vegas

“Nestled in the Arid Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is rapidly becoming a home to food growers of all experience levels. We want to participate in Share A Seed to nurture and expand our community of food lovers and gardeners.”

Slow Food DC

“Seeds are doorways to history, culture, and to new connections. Slow Food DC is thrilled to be part of the Share a Seed project and get more of our community members growing!”

Slow Food DFW

“Slow Food DFW are big fans of seeds and seed saving. We have a community seed share project that sprouted up during the pandemic and being involved in this will help us connect and grow our program – we can’t wait to get growing!”

Slow Food Springfield

“Slow Food Springfield would like anyone who wants a seed to have a seed. If you have a seed to share…we would love to grow it into a plant, save the seed, and share again!”

Slow Food Denver

“Slow Food Denver is excited to take part in the campaign to provide more tools and resources to inspire home gardening along the Front Range.”


“Slow Food Yolo is extremely excited to participate in the Share a Seed project. Our goal is to create small local events with community gardens, local school gardens and farmers markets in our area as well as working hand on hand with our local small farmers to continue planting and growing our seeds of success.”


What kinds of seeds can I donate?

All seeds are welcome, though we recommend donating seeds that are no more than one year old and have been properly stored in a cool, dry place. We also recommend that seed sponsors donate seeds appropriate to the climate of the receiving chapter(s). Click here to find your “hardiness zone” by zip code using the National Gardening Association’s handy online tool! Feel free to donate herb, fruit, vegetable, flower, or any other seeds appropriate for a yard, garden, or windowsill. We ask that only domestic seeds be donated and that seeds are clearly labeled. 

How do I know where to send the seeds?

Head to the Share a Seed landing page to see a list of participating chapters. Once you register as a seed sponsor, you will be emailed the address of the chapter(s) you have selected to partner with. You can send (via mail) seeds to as many chapters as you like. 

How should I package my seeds?

Please make sure that your seeds are properly sealed so that no seeds are lost along the way! A ziplock bag inside a shipping envelope is a great option, or even just adding an extra piece of tape to an unopened seed packet for safety. 

Please make sure all your seeds are clearly labeled. If you know the official name of the seed you’re sending (for example Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash), great! If not, just provide the type of seed it is (e.g., squash, chives, marigolds). 

Additional information that is welcomed but not required:

  • Growing/care instructions if not sent in original packaging
  • Your personal growing tips
  • Favorite recipes to make (if sending produce seeds)


What is the Share a Seed Campaign?

Taking inspiration from the traditional “seed swap” model, the Share a Seed Campaign’s goal is to create community and get more people growing at a time when seeds  – and opportunities to connect – are scarce. In this pilot year of the campaign, six Slow Food Chapters will serve as donation hubs, receiving seeds from growers across the country who want to share their spares. Through events, outreach initiatives, and local partnerships, those chapters will pass on donated seeds as a means of sharing knowledge, opening doorways, and forging new connections. 

Why is this project necessary?

During the pandemic, interest in gardening and growing has skyrocketed, leading to early and unanticipated seed shortages (among even the largest seed companies). The interest in growing crosses boundaries of income, color, and geography – as does the seed shortage! When conventional means fail to provide, we fall back on community. Slow Food is asking the gardeners, farmers, and growers out there to help us spread the love and share a seed. 

Whether you have one extra packet or a whole case, by sharing your spares you can help connect would-be growers across the country with opportunities to grow.

What does the Share a Seed Campaign hope to achieve?

In a word: community. In a few words: to get all would-be green thumbs growing regardless of their resources or geography. The Share a Seed Campaign seeks to foster connection, increase food sovereignty, and get more people growing. Share your spares, help us get America growing. 


Share a Seed

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