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It’s spa day! Christine Buckley turns chamomile tea bags into calming eye packs and thyme into a soothing lung and facial steam. Together we’ll practice routines that help us rest and rejuvenate with the help of tea and spices found in our kitchens.

Christine Buckley is a community-based herbalist, visual artist, and professional cook. Her writing has appeared in Well + Good, Kitchn, and Healthyish and has displayed work at the Honolulu Biennial and MoMA Studios. She has worked in some of New York’s best restaurants including Gabrielle Hamilton’s Prune and most recently as a food stylist at Apartment Therapy Media. Her first book, Plant Magic: Herbalism in Real Life is newly available wherever books are sold.

Christine Buckley‘s new book Plant Magic: Herbalism in Real Life from Roost Books is out now! (I already did. I can’t wait.) Use the code SLOWFOOD for 20% off this and all Roost Books titles online.

Christine also hosts an online group called the Garden Medicine Club, which provides people with simple instructional practices to engage more deeply with the natural world, information on practicing herbalism in real life, and simple recipes to make at home. Garden Medicine Club is hosted through Patreon, and Christine is offering $1 membership as long as we are all instructed to shelter in place. She’d love for you to join the club, because “the more people we have taking care of each other, the better.”

Materials Needed:

  • Handful of thyme (dried or fresh)
  • 2 chamomile tea bags or tablespoons loose chamomile
  • Large pot
  • Method to heat water
  • Scissors
  • Towel or light blanket
  • Hanky or tissues
  • Cloth napkin/clean rag