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Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit


This toolkit will provide the important steps to develop garden-to-cafeteria (GTC) protocols that emphasize food safety and the training protocols necessary to make sure that the food safety protocols are followed closely. There is no need to start from scratch with the GTC protocols since there are numerous examples of successful implementation of GTC programs across the country.

The purpose of this toolkit is to help you develop a GTC Team that will represent the different concerns in the district and create workshops to train the school garden leaders and the kitchen staff on how to implement the GTC protocols. Once these important people are trained, the toolkit assists in launching a pilot phase where 5-10 schools are recruited to be the first ones in the district to grow fresh produce for the school kitchens. The toolkit contains a Harvest Form to track the amount of fresh produce that is coming into the kitchens. There are also surveys to get feedback from the school garden leaders and kitchen manager on how the program was run for its first year and whether there is any need to tweak the program for a full district launch the following year.

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