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From our friends at Community Food Security Coalition
re: Community Food Projects, which are designed to increase food security in communities, improving the self-reliance of community members over their food needs.

This year’s competition for Community Food Project (CFP) grants has been halted by the USDA because of uncertainties about the program’s future funding in the Farm Bill. Prior to this recent suspension, over 460 letters of intent had been submitted.

The House version of the Farm Bill provided discretionary – not mandatory – funding, which means that the program must be funded through the appropriations process. The Senate version restored mandatory funding at $10 million annually for years 2008-2012 (double what it received previously).

However, no money for the program was provided in the fiscal year 2008 appropriations bill. USDA decided to halt considerations for 2008 grants because if the House funding prevails in conference or if a new Farm Bill is not passed, CFP will not be funded in 2008.

Your advocacy is critical to restore this decade-long enormously successful program. Millions of dollars are at stake for programs that support access to healthy food for underserved communities and benefit family farmers.

You can help!
Please send faxed letters to and call your House of Representatives member and both Senators and tell them you are very concerned that continued CFP funding is in jeopardy in the Farm Bill.

To reach your Representative and Senators, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

For Representatives, ask him/her to contact:
Chairman Peterson (if a Democrat) or
Rep. Goodlatte (if a Republican)

For Senators, ask him/her to contact:
Senator Harkin (if a Democrat) or
Senator Chambliss (if a Republican).