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The main civic garden on our minds these days is the Victory Garden being planted on the front lawn of City Hall in San Francisco, for Slow Food Nation. However, there’s a group out there that has its eyes on a bigger prize: the White House Lawn.*

Most interesting might be their PR tactics–in an effort to ride the immense PR coattails of the new iPhone that debuts this Friday, they are linking their campaign for an organic garden on the White House lawn to Apple’s big push. They call themselves “Waiting for Apples,” and although this article paints them as a bit unclear on how these two things mesh beyond their Apple-ness, it provides an opportunity to think about how small grassroots campaigns can piggyback on big corporate ones.

To join the effort, you can, er, buy yourself a new iPhone, or sign a petition here.

To follow the progress of the Slow Food Nation Victory Garden, check out their blog.

* For a fun account of Alice Waters’ efforts during the Clinton administration to have Bill plant a garden at the White House, read Alice Waters and Chez Panisse, by Thomas McNamee.