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In case you missed this, Atlanta’s “Sunday Paper” had this to say about its convivium, and founding leader (and Southern Regional Governor) Julie Schaffer:

Preserving traditions

Photo Credit: Spark St. Jude
Julie Shaffer, founder of the Atlanta chapter of Slow Food

By Hope S. Philbrick

If you ate milk and cookies every day after school and now serve the same snack to your kids, you could say that’s a gastronomic tradition. If milk and cookies is the common after-school snack within your community, you could call it a local food tradition. If all the folks who once made cookies from scratch stopped baking, these traditions would be lost.

Slow Food is an international group with more than 80,000 members working to preserve food traditions, food heritage and food cultures throughout the world while focusing on what they call “eco-gastronomy” or the connection between plate and planet. Slow Food hopes to establish and protect food systems that result in food that is good, clean and fair: That is, food that tastes good, is produced without harming the environment, animals or health, and provides fair compensation to producers. It’s a cookie that’s easy to swallow.

You can rest the rest of the story at SundayPaper.com