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This is Slow Fish 101, folks! Learn how to think about buying fish the same way you think about buying eggs or produce at the farmers’ market. Learn how and why it matters and hear from the fisher harvesters doing it the Slow Fish way. We promise there will be no tall tales… Well, not many.

A seafood-loving New Orleans native, Colles Stowell brings the sustainable seafood education message to classrooms and communities. A Slow Fish core planning team leader, Colles launched the non-profit One Fish Foundation in 2015 to talk to students of all ages about where seafood comes from and why it matters. Most of all, he advocates for consumer education and support for community-based fish harvesters.

Below are some helpful links from Colles and his team to more Slow Fish information and how to find your local catch, as well as links to businesses doing home deliveries and offering local pickup options.

Learn more about seafood supply chains, seafood eater education and tales from working seafood harvesters:

Find responsibly harvested seafood near you:





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