Slow Fish 2021

Virtual Gathering | March 18-27

A gathering of fisherfolk, fishmongers, chefs, advocates and seafood lovers!

The Slow Fish 2021 Virtual Gathering is an online collective of folks in and around the seafood supply chain—fish harvesters, experts, and enthusiasts—from across North America and around the world working to create more direct and equitable seafood systems. We are hosting seven days of interactive programming including Deep Dive discussions on critical issues, World Café roundtables, Marketplace of Ideas, music, poetry and more ways to connect, collaborate, and celebrate Slow Fish!


Ticket options to access all of the programming spread out over several days in March is $60 for a standard ticket, $20 for seafood harvesters and students and $100 for attendees who would like to offer a little extra support. Money raised from ticket sales will go toward programming costs and scholarships. Any money left over will be put back into growing the Slow Fish North America network and its programming.

Money raised from ticket sales will go toward programming costs and scholarships. 

If you purchased a ticket for the event last March, you should have received a full refund. You don’t have to do anything, except we hope that you’ll register for the virtual event in March! 


Friday, March 19

Deep Dive: Seafood Supply Chain

Boat-to-customer. Boat-to-chef. Boat-to-market. Adapting to shifting markets, policies and climate often means seafood harvesters need to simplify their supply channels. Harvesters, chefs, distributors, and others will discuss successes and challenges of creating more direct supply chains, built on transparency, trust, and fair pricing. How can we replicate these models elsewhere and help harvesters maximize their customer potential? How can we engage more chefs as the customer-facing storytellers? Relationships are everything. 

Saturday, March 20

Deep Dive: Indigenous Access to Food Sources

As indigenous people, we have investment in making Slow Fish a stronger, more robust force for water, land, and life. Come join in the sharing and learn about supporting ancestral food systems. We will hear stories from coast to coast that will take us through time to appreciate what has been, what has changed, and where we are headed.

The net that holds the fish also connects vessel making, economy, songs, and nutrition. Customary community sustenance fishers as well as commercial fishers will guide us, addressing concerns of protection and balanced stewardship, with the overarching issues of access and traditional teaching. We are honored to have an esteemed group of speakers and hope that you will find this to be an enriching Deep Dive.

Thursday, March 25

Deep Dive: Aquaculture 

How can we better see ourselves as connected to and part of the ocean commons? How do we see our coastal communities more holistically and think about all the people who benefit from them? Internationally and regionally, we are witnessing a global ocean grab that aims to transform the ocean commons into a tradeable, privatized commodity. How do the pressures of the Blue Economy, climate change, cheap imports, complex supply chains, consolidation and industrial scale aquaculture all impact the community-based fisheries Slow Fish supports? How can we uplift the values that promote those independent, small and medium-sized seafood businesses?

Friday, March 26

Rivers Connect the World: Strategies to Protect Biodiversity and Culture 

Join our panel of voices from the Danube, Mekong, Mississippi Rivers as well as Salmon Rivers of the Pacific Northwest and Ireland as they discuss strategies to protect biodiversity and culture in their home river basin. 

Blue Commons 101

Independent, small- and mid-scale fish harvesters around the world increasingly feel the devastating impact wrought by big ocean-based development like net-pen farming, oil and gas extraction, massive wind farms, and some marine conservation initiatives. These fish harvesters have little control over the health of the fisheries they depend on, which is made much worse by a coordinated global effort to commodify the ocean under the guise of the Blue Economy. 

A panel of experts will dive into the global and localized impacts of the Blue Economy’s widespread privatization and consolidation on community-based fisheries. We’ll discuss the Blue Commons, a counter-movement that seeks a collaborative approach to managing the ocean as a shared resource providing equal and fair access to opportunities to fish for and grow seafood responsibly. In facilitator-led breakout discussions, we’ll probe questions like how the Blue Commons values are already showing up in our communities when it comes to aquaculture and wild-caught fisheries? How can we weave this framework discussion into advocacy of policies and management that supports this vision? 

Saturday, March 27

Closing Celebration

Music, celebration, and looking ahead!

The goal of Slow Fish 2021 is to grow the Slow Fish community, empower Slow Fish advocates and leaders, engage with Slow Food chapters and like-minded organizations, educate the public and inspire seafood citizens, and uplift and strengthen community-based fisheries through:


Just that. Folks on the water or otherwise linked to seafood pathways from across the continent and beyond sharing their experiences, successes and challenges. 

Deep Dive Discussions

Grab your wetsuit and mask and plunge into thought-provoking discussions led by experts on significant issues like supply chains, climate change, aquaculture and treating the oceans as a shared resource.
Similar to the Slow Fish Crew Together Webinars, but diving deeper into the details.

World Cafe

A roundtable of ideas in smaller more intimate groups or even breakout sessions to talk about Slow Fish values and how to grow the network, activate/engage communities around important issues (like aquaculture, for example), and inspire seafood citizens, and more.

Skill-building Workshops

Like how to fillet a fish, chef cook-alongs, community organizing, and more!

Fisher Music and Poetry

Slow Fish 2021 Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to increase the number and diversity of folks connecting with and helping shape the Slow Fish North America network. We want to ensure that money is not a barrier for people to attend the Slow Fish 2021 virtual gathering.  The deadline to apply is March 15, 2021.

Apply Here

Slow Fish Crew Together Webinar Series

The Covid-19 pandemic has tested the resilience, resolve, and recovery potential of fishing communities and seafood eaters both domestically and abroad. Resilience hinges on adaptability to a situation that changes every day and shifts the parameters, even as folks are finding new ways of selling and eating seafood. Join us for ‘Slow Fish Crew Together,’ a webinar series discussing where the fishing community is at during this time and how we can move forward together.

Watch the Webinars

Special Thanks to our Partners for making this event possible and delicious.


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