Slow Fish 2021

Virtual Gathering

We bottled up the great energy of Slow Fish 2020 and we’re opening the bottle for a virtual Slow Fish 2021 in March!

 We’re honored to bring together such an enthusiastic group of fishers, chefs, eaters, and more! We’re reeling in speakers, panelists, stories and workshops to showcase more stories from our network, collaborate on new strategies for growth, and cultivate connections to effect meaningful change.

We’re going fully virtual in March of next year and our goal is to carry over as much of our 2020 programming as possible. 

This programming will couple education and collaboration, entertainment and critical thinking. See below for a preview of the Slow Fish 2021 Virtual Gathering as we build it up, including: Cooking classes, virtual tours, music, and more online friends than Doug The Pug!

Slow Fish Crew Together Webinar Series

The Covid-19 pandemic has tested the resilience, resolve, and recovery potential of fishing communities and seafood eaters both domestically and abroad. Resilience hinges on adaptability to a situation that changes every day and shifts the parameters, even as folks are finding new ways of selling and eating seafood. Join us for ‘Slow Fish Crew Together,’ a webinar series discussing where the fishing community is at during this time and how we can move forward together.

Watch the Webinars


The goal of virtual Slow Fish 2021 is the same as the goal of the in-person event: to engage, activate, excite, and grow the community, strengthening existing collaborations and forging new ones. The best way to do that is by doing what fishermen and women do best: telling stories. The virtual format opens up some cool possibilities. As mentioned above, we want to preserve some of the same programming from the planned in-person event, but tweaked for the zoom universe:


Just that. Folks on the water or otherwise linked to seafood pathways from across the continent and beyond sharing their experiences, successes and challenges. See the Slow Fish Crew Together webinar series for an example of the caliber of panelists and discussions we’ll host.

Deep Dive Discussions

Grab your wetsuit and mask and plunge into thought-provoking discussions led by experts on significant issues like supply chains, climate change, aquaculture and treating the oceans as a shared resource.
Similar to the Crew Together Webinars, but diving deeper into the details.

World Cafe

A roundtable of ideas in smaller more intimate groups or even breakout sessions to talk about Slow Fish values and how to grow the network, activate/engage communities around important issues (like aquaculture, for example), and inspire seafood citizens, and more.

Skill-building Workshops

Like how to fillet a fish, chef cook-alongs, community organizing, and more!

Fisher Music and Poetry


We thank all of you who trusted us enough to put the money you invested in Slow Fish 2020 toward a future event. That is a testament to the tight bonds and the energy we have formed as a community. We also acknowledge that under the current circumstances, we have to make practical adjustments to the ticketing scenarios for a virtual event. 

Please respond to this survey so we can consider your feedback in planning this great event!

The price to access all of the programming spread out over several days in March will be $50 up until December 31. After that, the price will go to $60. 

Money raised from ticket sales will go toward programming costs and scholarships. Any money left over will be put back into growing the Slow Fish North America network, which includes coordinating the next (hopefully!) in-person event. 

Those who purchased tickets for the event last March will receive a full refund. We are processing those refunds this week, but it may take several days for the money to arrive in your account. You don’t have to do anything, except we hope that you’ll register for the virtual event in March! We’re putting our trust in the community to help make this an energized, compelling and well-attended event. 

Slow Fish 2021 Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to increase the number and diversity of folks connecting with and helping shape the Slow Fish North America network. We want to ensure that money is not a barrier for people to attend the Slow Fish 2021 virtual gathering.  The deadline to apply is March 1, 2021.

Apply Here

Special Thanks to our Partners for making this event possible and delicious.