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Rising Tide Scholarship Fund

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Our goal is to gather experts from across North America and throughout the industry: fish harvesters, chefs, scientists, farmers, business leaders, educators, advocates, students. We want to form a collective appetite for truly sustainable seafood and work toward an action-oriented approach that is impactful and meaningful to the fishing industry and seafood eaters. 

The fishermen, fishmongers, chefs, scientists and advocates who make up the Slow Fish community are led by their commitment to good, clean, and fair. It’s a movement that understands small-boat fishermen are the stewards of our ocean resources. A healthy food system needs healthy oceans, but it also needs a healthy fishing economy. 

— Kendall Dix

Moving the event around to key fisheries regions helps democratize the impact. Slow Fish continues to aim to create an open table for meaningful thinking around the core values of providing good, clean, and fair seafood to all. 

— Colles Stowell

Slow Fish 2020 + Slow Food NE Gathering