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Slow Food has worked with a variety of indigenous Hawai`ian organizations over the years, including”

Pae Pae o Heeia, a traditional fish pond which is being restored

Ma’o Organic Farms, now the largest organic farm in the state

Kokua Kalihi Valley, which includes a health clinic, a 90-acre farm, and a locally focused café

Ho’okua’aina, a taro farm that produces poi, luau leaf and kalo

families who have worked the traditional salt ponds at Hanapepe on Kauai for generations.

Slow Food has championed the Ark of Taste in Hawai`i by working with Chef Ed Kenney on Ark of Taste dinners. Events have showcased poi and pa’i’ai, including vertical tastings and pounding demonstrations. We have worked to expand the Hawai`ian Ark to include 17 foodstuffs, 14 of which are Hawai`ian in origin.

At Pae Pae, inamona (kukui nut relish) workshops have been held to spread the knowledge of this rare  process. Inamona is not on the Ark yet, but we expect to see it accepted soon.