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by Slow Food USA campaign intern Leah Gorham

Slow Food chapters, members, and non-members alike from coast to coast have started to come up with fantastic and creative ideas for Eat-ins as part of the Time For Lunch campaign’s National Eat-In on Labor Day, September 7th, 2009.

A perfect example comes from the leaders of the Bayer Farm — and a way to demonstrate the connection between local food production and the value it provides to the community.

The event will be a potluck-style picnic but will also offer up delectable homemade tamales and roasted goat tacos, with ingredients for the salsa sourced directly from Bayer Farm. There will be self-guided tour info stations scattered around the property, with information in both Spanish and English. So far, the expected attendance is around three hundred people, including chapter members, community members, volunteers, members of the California School Garden Network, and local legislators and officials. The Slow Food Chapter has even managed to snag a VIP guest speaker – Maria Echaveste, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton. Representatives from Landpaths, Slow Food Russian River and the California School Garden Network will also give short talks at the event.

Many more great events like this one are being planned all over the country for Time for Lunch. Eat-Ins like the one Slow Food Russian River is planning illustrate the benefits of partnering with local organizations and planning an event that fits the local culture. An event like this draws high levels of local interest, is fun for all of those involved, and has the power to bring a community together in a positive way.

Keep up the great work in planning Eat-Ins for the Time for Lunch National Eat-In on September 7th. If we act now, we have the power to make lasting change (and have fun in the process)!