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Growing your own garden is an amazing opportunity to learn more about where our food comes from and what it takes to get it onto our plates. Whether you’re an aspirational gardener or an old hand we have some inspiration for you from expert gardeners, farmers, and seed keepers. These Slow Food Live talks will tell you everything you need to know to start your own seeds, grow a garden in your backyard, save your seeds, and more! 

Starting Seeds

Slow Food USA School Garden Leaders share their garden wisdom on starting seed with us. This session covers starting seeds three ways: indoors in flats, in low tunnels, and direct seeding into your garden bed. Plus tips on how to prep that bed!

Building Soil

Building your soil is the most important first step in planting and it’s important to know what to look for when adding amendments to your garden soil. The soil beneath us is a complex ecosystem filled with living organisms and amazing interactions. In this webinar you will learn the difference between soil and dirt and a bit about the fascinating and important mechanisms that supply nutrients to your plants.

The Magic of Microgreens

What are microgreens? Why are they important to grow? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this demo on how to grow them.

Growing Cool Weather Plants

Head into the garden with Slow Food Denver’s Lilly Steirer, to learn best practices for how to start and grow cool weather seeds and plants.

Urban Gardening

Kelly McGlinchey, Board Co-Chair of Slow Food New York City, is here with some inspiration for growing a garden no matter where you live. She tells us about her experience with urban gardening, and gives us tips on how to get started growing anywhere from your windowsill to a community garden.

Seed Saving Demo with Brijette Peña

Learn the basics of saving the seeds from your own garden. Brijette Pena, from the San Diego seed Company, gives us a breakdown of everything you need to know to start seed saving.

Seed Saving: Why & How with Jeff, Hillie and Ben

Seed saving is a valuable tool for food sovereignty, and as we see with the pandemic, the time is now for seed and food sovereignty. Seed saving also preserves food biodiversity and builds community. Learn how to plan to save seeds, the processes involved and how to build community while preserving food biodiversity.

so much more about seeds —

Plant a Seed

The Plant a Seed campaign invites school garden educators and individuals to bring biodiversity, flavor and history into their gardens. Each year, we put together a cast of endangered and biodiverse seed varieties that tell a story.

Share A Seed

Join us to build community, enhance food sovereignty, and restore relationships to food and land by donating your surplus through our Share a Seed initiative.