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Snail of Approval

Snail of Approval 2021

Good, clean and fair food in your neighborhood.

and beyond!

The Slow Food Snail of Approval award is a recognition given to food and beverage establishments that are pursuing and practicing Slow Food values in their business. This is more than about making good food — it’s about making commitments to the environment, local communities, employees and purveyors, and our core values of antiracism and anti-oppression. 

The Snail of Approval award is given by local chapters based on evaluations focused on the following six areas: sourcing, environmental impact, cultural connection, community involvement, staff support, and business values.


Environmental Impact

Cultural Connection

Community Involvement

Staff Support

Business Values

The Goal

Slow Food recognizes the impact of vital food organizations and aims to create nationwide awareness of these producers and purveyors. The goal is to stimulate greater support for these important businesses— by eating, participating, volunteering, patronizing, donating, and spreading the word.

Always Local

The Slow Food Snail of Approval is grassroots initiative judged and administered on a local level. Members of Slow Food organize in their local communities to nominate and to give awards to local businesses. [Slow Food USA’s national office will not be an awarding body.]

Recognized Internationally

Mirroring both Europe and South America’s concept of ‘Slow Food restaurants,’ which gives patrons a sense of the landscape and labor that makes up their meal.  We envision an ever growing network of consumer, business and environment-friendly food operations.