As the quarantine separates us physically from friends, family and coworkers, innovative models of connection and collaboration are becoming more relevant than ever. One of these models is the social alchemy pod: a small group that checks in regularly for mutual accountability and collective action around social and ecological healing. Join Abrah Dresdale and Adam Brock, national leaders in the Social Permaculture movement, for an eye-opening session on how social alchemy pods work and how you can form one in your community.

Presenter Bio: Adam Brock (he/him) is a facilitator, social entrepreneur, and  Regenerate Change consultant based in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. He has served as co-founder and co-director of the Denver food justice nonprofit The GrowHaus, co-chair of Denver’s Sustainable Food Policy Council, and instructor for over a dozen Permaculture Design Courses. He is the author of the social permaculture handbook Change Here Now.

Abrah Dresdale (she/her), director at Regenerate Change, is a bold and visionary educator, curriculum designer, and cultural shift consultant in the fields of social permaculture, prison food justice, and Jewish earth-based traditions. Abrah is on Faculty in the Sustainable Food and Farming program at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and at Omega Institute’s Center for Sustainable Living. She is author of Regenerative Design for Change Makers: A Social Permaculture Guidebook, to be published this Fall.

Abrah and Adam introduced the great concept of Social Alchemy pods in the session, and you can read and learn much more about Social Alchemy pods here