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Washington D.C. has been buzzing for the past three days, with balls, parties, press conferences, and dinners. 12 chefs from around the country–including sustainable favorites Alice Waters, Rick Bayless, and Dan Barber— headed to Washington and, on Monday night, created 12 fundraising dinners. Proceeds (estimated at around $100,000) went to three local D.C. groups: D.C. Central Kitchen, Martha’s Table and FreshFarm Markets.

Slow Food USA President Josh Viertel attended one of these Monday night dinners, ate Dan Barber’s food, and talked food and ag with intellectual leaders, writers, and politicians alike. Viertel asked several of the country’s top chefs what they would do if the Obamas came to their restaurants for dinner and they had the opportunity to speak to the first couple for a brief moment about food. It seems these guys had their elevator pitches down pat, he said, “their capacity as chefs rivaled only by their lobbying abilities.” The real highlight? Watching a newly-minted administration housing guru proudly flash his Slow Food USA membership card.

You can read more about the event in The Washington Post, and more about the White House’s existing rooftop garden and how Tom Colicchio saved Joan Nathan’s life here.