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From its inception to its launch, The Color of Food directory took 9 months to realize. Delivered into a world where representation in the food movement is largely white and privileged, it is a fresh initiative that is already helping to connect the ever-growing network of farmers and food activists of color.

Connecting the dots between race and food is important for the success and integrity of the food movement. Tied to this is the choice we all have to invest in the voice and leadership of people of color—especially the youth. According to 28 year-old Natasha Bowens, the founder of The Color of Food and Brown.Girl.Farming, youth have the power to break barriers in transforming the food system:

    “We [youth] get it. We’re connected. We’re online. We’re open-minded, smart and we want to do things differently than those that came before us. Farmers are only just now starting to figure out new ways to market their products, to stay afloat with creativity, to get websites! Our youth can blaze the trails for breaking ground with sustainable, regional and community-supported food systems.”