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50 states. 50 governors. 50 first families celebrating July 4 with locally sourced food. 

Kitchen Gardeners International, with support from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) Food and Society Fellows, has launched “Food Independence Day” to educate and encourage consumers to source local and sustainable ingredients for their holiday meals and to request that their governors do the same.  

Food Independence Day has posted a petition on Facebook and their Web site asking governors to “Whet our appetites by publishing your planned menu in advance of the holiday. Share your recipes and the names of the local farmers, fisherfolk, and food producers whose ingredients you’ll be using. 


“Food Independence Day brings the spirit of the White House garden effort to a state by state, and even house by house level,” said Roger Doiron, founder of the nonprofit Kitchen Gardeners International and current Fellow with the IATP Food and Society Fellows. “We hope to foster enough interest and momentum that our 50 governors and their families will take note and enjoy their July 4 celebrations by feasting on local produce, meats, beverages and desserts from their own states or as nearby as possible. In doing so, we hope they set an example for and encourage their constituents to do the same.Ԡ

For more information and to sign to the petition, individuals can visit http://foodindependenceday.org .   

Organizers will submit the petitions to governors the final week of June, in the days leading up to their July 4 holiday.