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By Michelle DiMuzio, Communications Coordinator

“TILIA Wines and Slow Food share many values; a commitment to biodiversity, preserving and nurturing plants and animals, creating resilient vineyards, and supporting the people that work there.” Stephanie Pocchia from Slow Food Vegas opened up our second Slow Food Live with TILIA Wines, sharing their commitment to good, clean and fair wine.

While the first session focused on natural sustainability, including biodiversity, resilience, and traditional farming practices, this session highlighted the social side of sustainability. “Connecting the small growers who are farming our grapes and making our TILIA wines with the people who drink them, so the lifestyle from the countryside and the city can learn from each other is what sustainable living means to us,” shared Victoria Capelli, from the creative office at TILIA Wines. 

TILIA Vineyard Sustainability Specialist Guillermina Van Houten then joined Capelli in discussing TILIA’s dedication to social sustainability. “We want to create a movement where people are inspired to share their sustainable living moments and everything that they do in their daily lives,” she explained.

Through social programs, such as youth retention and development initiatives, internal professional development, and promotion of viticulture career paths, TILIA Wines has integrated social sustainability into their everyday practices. “At the core of TILIA Wine’s ethos is the dedication to the community and ensuring that people who enrich the land prosper,” stated Van Houten. 

Yanina Prieto, part of the hospitality team at TILIA Wines, shared her story of receiving encouragement from TILIA Wines to continue her education and work her way up in the organization. “My message is that one should always study, one should always seek to grow, however possible,” shared Prieto. 

Laura Gonzalez, Head of Quality Control, also received support from TILIA Wines to pursue a career in viticulture; she now serves in a key role on the TILIA Wines team. Housing and school assistance programs are also in place to support workers and their quality of life outside the vineyard. This is the positive and lasting impact that TILIA wants to help create in the people who work with them and in neighboring communities. “The fact that our team seeks to grow and continue to pursue their passions and progress, for us, that’s the definition of sustainability,” Capelli shared. 

The evening concluded with Winemaker Gonzalo Llensa taking us through a wine tasting where we observed, smelled and tasted the red (Malbec, Malbec-Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bonarda), and white (Chardonnay, Torrentes) wines from TILIA.

Capelli left us with a closing note on the importance of sustainability to TILIA Wines. “Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We believe that we are all able to contribute positively to the world that we live in, and it’s part of every action we take. We see social sustainability concretely as those actions that create these healthy and livable communities, and it’s important because we want to leave the world a better place. Our winery is really part of the fabric of our community and as participants of that community, we believe in contributing positively to the lives that we affect continuously and the spaces and places that we operate in.” 

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